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Appointment of Professor for Dr. Ambedkar Chair
The Constitution was submitted by the Constitution Assembly to the President of India on 26th November 1949. This day is celebrated in India as a “Constitution Day”.

Behalf of Dr. Ambedkar Chair the Savidhan Day (Constitution Day) on November 26, 2016 at Committee Room, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai – 20 was celebrated.

The function was chaired by Hon,ble Madam Vice Chancellor Prof. Shashikala Wanjari, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai. On the occasion the Preamble of the Constitution was read by Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor line to line and followed by audience.

The Introduction was given by Dr. Madhura Kesarkar (Head, Department of Education).

The main speaker on the occasion was Prof. K. S. Ingole, Professor, Dr. Ambedkar Chair, Mumbai, who speaks on the Importance of Constitution, Fundamental Rights and Duties of Citizens and Importance of Directive Principals for Economic and Social Balances.

Madam Vice Chancellor speaks overall aspects of Constitution and its relevance in the present context. She also speaks on

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Contribution for the Nation Building, and she reminded the audience about the Importance of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Legacy in the Present Context. She has also suggested to Academic Fraternity and Students to Understand the Rights and Duties to Develop our University and Nation.

Dr. K. V. Deore (Associate Professor) has given the introduction of main speaker Dr. K. S. Ingole and
Mr. Sanjay Shedmake (Assistant Professor)
has proposed the vote of thanks for the program. The majority of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff was present in the program. In short the Savidhan Day programme was great successful.